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Exceptional Services We Offer

Woodland LA provides a range of services for repairing or restoring the furniture in your home. There are lots of services from reviving your scratched coffee table, refreshing dressers with a new coat of paint, fixing your damaged furniture which can be a good alternative to the pricey furniture replacement.

Furniture Painting

After repairing blemishes on your furniture, we apply primer and paint. As a result, your old furniture gets a new life.

Furniture, Repair and Restore

We will return the original beauty and functionality of your furniture by fixing all of the damages.)

Scratch Repair

Scratches and gouges on your furniture are not a problem anymore. Our professional experts are able to repair your furniture and fill all the scratches on it.

Hardwood floor refinishing

If you noticed that there are scratches on the surface of your wooden floor and it has changed its original color from everyday wear and a high volume of traffic, do not worry, we are here to help you. Our team will assist in refinishing your floor. In this case, you can be 100% sure that everything will be done in the best way and within the shortest period of time by returning the original color and condition of your floor.

Pavilion and outdoor furniture restoration

If your outdoor wooden furniture has started to look old and tired, it definitely needs care. Our team can help you refinish your outdoor furniture and prolong its maintenance. Moreover, we can offer you other solutions in replacement of your existing pavilion by designing it from scratch.)

Door Restoration

Our contracts can assist you with indoor restoration, door repair, door refinishing, and lock replacement.

Stairs and railing restoration

Our craftsmen are able to repair all of the damages to your stairs by returning their beauty and structural integrity.

Expert Color Matching and Changing The Color of Your Furniture

We remove the existing finish of your furniture or floor, determine your wood species, and counteract the existing undertone to get the final look that you want.

What We Do

Wood is an organic material that is sensitive to a variety of factors such as water, build-up, dirt, grime, and poor quality care products, and unfortunately, even the best piece of furniture can lose its former beauty. If you find your favorite wooden furniture damaged or your grandma’s antique dresser living out its days do not rush to get rid of them! Our team will help you refresh your lovable furniture by saving a decent amount of money to purchase new stuff.

Our professional restoration team is able to make the patina of the timber shine out again. So, If you have faced issues such as a chipped chair, stained floor, discolored kitchen furniture, cracked table, or maybe you want to restore your outdoor pavilion, we are here to assist you in handling your facility’s wood restoring needs.


With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
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About Our Company

Woodland LA is an American leading company that provides all types of architectural wood restoration services.

For nearly 10 years, our team specializes in restoring wooden furniture, recovering missing parts, and polishing it. Our main priority is to keep every minor detail of your furniture by returning its initial beauty. So, if your favorite furniture has chipped, cracked, scratched, or lost its actual color, we can eliminate all these damages within no time.

It does not matter whether it is a small chair or a massive table, a traditional wardrobe belonging to your grandmother or a novice kitchen furniture that you bought just a year ago. Woodland LA has all the necessary skills to give a second life to your favorite furniture.

Our professional craftsmen can return the initial beauty and functionality of your outdoor and indoor furniture.

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Specialized Company

Our main distinctive feature is that we come up with comfortable and competitive pricing to the super professional service that our team offers.

Licensed & Insured

We utilize solely advanced methods for restoring architectural wood. Additionally, we use different popular methods for refinishing wooden furniture based on the type of damage and the entire condition of your furniture.

Dependable Services

Once our wood restoration specialist completes his work, you will be provided with before and after photos that will clearly demonstrate the level of your asset's rediscovered beauty.

However, if you have some doubts regarding the quality of our services, take your time to browse some of our successes and before-after images in the wood restoration gallery below:

One thing is for sure it’s here to stay!  

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